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Let's Travel the Glove and visit Brazil with

Let's Travel the Glove and visit Brazil with Travel the Globe: Travel the Globe to Rio de Janeiro Brazil with ….The mesmerizing tropical and divine warm weather and the 360-degree panorama from atop eagle view of the Crist the Redeemer a Statue created by Albert Caquot, Gheorghe Leonida, Heitor da Silva Costa, and Paul Landowski. Also, the majestic view of Corcovado Mountain showcases Rio de Janeiro's beauty at its best in all its heart-stopping natural visual glory of mother nature. Its unique, overpowering table of curving white beaches, skyscrapers, natural gray granite mountains full of flora and fauna, and it’s beautiful small island-studded Bay of Guanabara encourages you to visit Rio's nickname, La Ciudad Maravillosa... Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City). With a multicultural, colors, art, fashion, and lifestyle with a beautiful colorful city full of a happy people freedom of natural beau