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Multicultural Families Educational Set. Come and learn about many cultures and families. Everyone's Family is special and unique!

  Excellerations� Multicultural Families - Set of 32 Excellerations� Multicultural Families - Set of 32 Our exclusive set is perfect for teaching children that everyone's family is special and unique! These families help teach diversity and encourage loads of dramatic and imaginative play! EACH SET INCLUDES: 4 different ethnicities; African American, Asian, Caucasian, and Hispanic. Each ethnicity includes 8 people; grandfather, grandmother, mom, dad, big and little sister and big and little brother STORAGE: Includes wooden storage tray QUALITY: Made from sustainable solid wood with non-toxic paint with low VOC and clear top coat. Hand painted. SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Build neighborhoods and explore how everyone is important and plays a valuable role. These families help teach diversity and encourage loads of dramatic and imaginative play. SIZE: Figures measure 2-1/2 inches to 3-3/4 inches H; 1 inch thick

Food and Nutrition at

Food and Nutrition for your kids Today! Are you Looking for the right food and nutrients for your kids? It needs to be meticulous and well-done research to see what they love to eat and what is good and healthy for them.  At we share our finding tips about healthy food for your kids which includes grains, fruits, and vegetable to help them achieve the right nutrients and finding what they like to eat every day and keeping them healthy. Here we have a solution that will simply your To Do List for Nutritious Food for working busy parents and nutrition educators. We as a parent have found products and tips to help busy parents like us to assist in this journey with these tips of nutritious recommendations that benefit our kids, you can start building a healthy family meals plan and eating habits that include the five food groups to guide them and eating the right nutrients. We encourage you to teach your kids to eat