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Science Vocabulary Paperback Books - 4 Titles. They are my Favorites for Science Vocabulary.

Science Vocabulary Paperback Books - 4 Titles   Science Vocabulary Paperback Books - 4 Titles Explore nature from the smallest insects to the tallest trees! Beautiful, minimalist illustrations provide an engaging visual approach to learning basic science vocabulary terms Develop children's interest in nature and science and assist them in identifying a variety of animals and plants and their parts Includes 4 titles: Learning About Animals , Learning About Trees , Learning About Insects , Learning About Plants Each 24-page book measures 6"Sq. PreK-K Core Standards SCI (P) Begin to understand the need for the sun. SOC (P) Recognize that people share the environment with other people, animals and plants. LAN (P) With prompting and support, ask & answer questions about details in informational text.