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 Ester Gifts Books for Kids - LUCKY MONEY Book - Easter Books Gifts Childrens Books - Bedtime Stories for Kids with Pictures**** Read on Your PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet or Kindle! **** FREE For Kindle Prime Or Kindle Unlimited Members About The Book: LUCKY MONEY Book Using beautifully colored illustrations and characters intended to capture the attention and imagination of young children, this book will show them how they can recognize the seeds of true friendship when looking to start a relationship with their peers in a new environment.+ Funny as well, to perk up the mood of juniors, before going to sleep+ The imagination is awakening and craving stimulus and material to work upon.+ Specially designed for small children narrated in a warm and soothing way+ Enjoy a happy reading time with parents! Grab Your Copy Now! GET THIS BOOK NOW AND ENJOY! CLICK BUY NOW BUTTON AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE! or HERE!


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